Yoga with Horses

We provide our highly regarded “Yoga With Horses” program at many of the spring/summer/fall yoga retreats conducted here. Our program includes an introduction to natural horsemanship/horse whisper techniques, the integration of yoga positions both on and off the horse and a bareback journey at a walk with our horses into the forest along a river to the beautiful waterfall that adjoins us. We recently added a running with horses component in which we take the horses out on a beautiful 3 mile trail run. Our Yoga with horses program was recently featured at the Wanderlust Yoga Festival, in Cosmopolitan Magazine and in the next month or so in the Huffington Post. Our horses include, among others, “Black Jack” a stunning 17 hand tall all black German hanoverian gelding trained by eight time US Olympian Michael Plumb. We use our horses extensively in our giving back programs including a therapeutic riding program for cancer patients/survivor, our quarterly innercity teen program “Vermont Bound” for The Boys/Girls Clubs of Boston and an annual retreat gift to Yoga Reaches Out/Children’s Hospital of Boston.

Huffington Post: What I Learned From Horses About Yoga and Life

by: Kathryn E. Livingston

Recently, I had an unexpected opportunity to spend two days at a yoga retreat center in Vermont with about 20 other yoga teachers from the East Coast. The Stowe Mountain Ranch Yoga Retreat Center is particularly known for its “Yoga With Horses Program” put together by Stowe “Namaste Cowboy” Gerry Scott, a creative, energetic, professional equestrian who also practices yoga. I was excited but as I set out, one friend’s skepticism rang in my ears: “Yoga I get. Horses I get. Yoga and horses? I don’t get it.”

I didn’t really get it, either. All I knew was that I needed a get away. I’d been feeling sick and stressed out, over-worked and unsure of my path. Still, it seemed a little crazy and even my children (three young adult males), were wary. “Horses are unpredictable!” one warned, “Wear a helmet and watch your feet!” My God, they were beginning to sound like me! Nevertheless, off I trotted on the nearly six-hour journey from New Jersey to the land of maple syrup, Ben & Jerry’s and Bernie Sanders (with my dear friend Dee, also a yoga teacher).





All activities on these grounds are subject to the Equine Inherent Risk Law. By your presence on these grounds you have indicated that you have accepted the limits of liability resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities.


All persons in this area will be regarded as participants and limited by the INHERENT RISKS LAW.


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